Willis J. Cat (aka – Willie the Wildcat)

Clinic Cat, Volunteer Pet Food Taste-Tester

Willie has lived at East Douglas Veterinary Clinic her entire life. She and her litter mates came to the clinic when they were kittens. Their mom was a stray cat, and Dr. Cowan wanted to find them all good homes. Willie tends to be a bit shy around new people, so she ended up finding her “forever home” here at the clinic. She enjoys spending her time in the back part of the clinic, so clients rarely catch a glimpse of her. She occasionally gets to contribute to medical care by being a blood donor to other cats in need. Most of the time, she earns her keep by entertaining the staff with her odd behaviors and silliness. Willie’s presence at the clinic is a source of joy for all of the staff.

In her free time, Willie likes to sneak into the food room and sample all of the special diets we carry. She also enjoys chewing on trash bags. If she is hungry enough, she will stand up on her hind legs and turn in a circle in order to earn a treat from Dr. Linot. She can usually convince everyone else to give her a treat for “free”.

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