Community Involvement

East Douglas Veterinary Clinic and the Wichita Community

Dr. Garry Cowan and the entire veterinary staff of East Douglas Veterinary Clinic believe that it is impossible for a caring and thriving veterinary practice to be separate or excluded from the community it serves. We all live in the Wichita area and love it for all that is has to offer. Without our friends and neighbors we simply would not be what we are today. For these reasons we enjoy being a good neighbor and take every opportunity to do our part to sustain and strengthen Wichita and surrounding communities.

In particular, East Douglas Veterinary Clinic in Wichita works to help sustain and support Kansas K-9 ResQ, a local non-profit, foster home based pet rescue. Dr. Cowan’s service in and around Wichita as well as his compassionate practice of veterinary medicine earned him recognition as Veterinarian of the Year in 2011 by the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association.

Additionally, we support the Wichita Police Department’s Canine Unit by providing complete veterinary care to two patrol dogs at no cost to the city or the handlers.


In all, East Douglas Veterinary Clinic is very proud of our contributions—both in volunteer hours and financial—to the Wichita communities we serve. Our veterinary clinic is but one patch of a very large quilt of people, pets and organizations helping to sustain and make where we live a better place to be.

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